Clever Ideas To Make A Shared Boy/Girl Bedroom Look Awesome And Unique

Shared Boy and Girl Bedroom

Having siblings share a bedroom has many benefits, including increased empathy and better sleep. But what do you do when a boy and girl try to coexist peacefully in the same room? Check out these brilliant shared boy and girl bedroom ideas that are stylish and conflict-free.

How Do You Split A Bedroom With 2 Kids?

Remember that each child requires a defined space when planning the room layout. We’ve gathered a few examples of our favourite chic and practical shared bedroom ideas for boy and girl.

Beds with Built-Ins

This charming bedroom utilises built-in beds with drawer storage to save space. Each child’s area is defined by different bedding, and a tall headboard provides privacy. Different patterns and texture layers create a cosy and eclectic style.

Ingenious Painting Technique

Paint the wall in two colours to create a bold look that helps define each child’s side of the room. This divider with a zigzag pattern adds a whimsical touch. Above the beds, chalk paint shapes can be used for fun name tags and creative spaces for the kids to play with chalk.

Decorative Bedding

Another way to incorporate each child’s personality into the decor is through the bedding. Begin with a bright white room, allowing each child’s personality to shine through their bedding selection.

Separators for Curtains

Another boy and girl shared bedroom ideas that can help keep the space organised by using separators for curtains. Add room divider curtains that can be drawn out for privacy and each child’s alone time.

An Innovative Layout

Even in a shared room, there is room for all the necessities with careful planning and a little creativity. We adore the clever solutions in this room, such as the shared desk with separate drawers for each child, the built-in storage beneath the beds, and the lovely ikat privacy curtains

Common Bookcase

If the shared bedroom is small, a simple bookcase with assigned cubbies will ensure that each child’s belongings have a home.

Gender Indifferent

Mixing feminine and masculine decor in boy/girl rooms may be difficult. Instead, opt for a neutral colour scheme that both children will enjoy.

How Do I Arrange A Shared Bedroom?

Here are some helpful hints for setting up a shared bedroom, particularly for making everyone happy!

  • Make sure to include each child’s personal favourites. This is a unique area for each child. Allow them to choose some of their favourite things to have. It could be a blanket, a pillow, or decorative figures.
  • Alter it. Compromise can benefit everyone. Consider offering to change the room’s configuration every few months until a solution for organising furniture is found that everyone likes.
  • Colour contrast is acceptable! This relates to some of our previous tips and tricks. Your shared bedroom may not make the cover of a magazine, but as long as the kids are happy, it is okay.


We hope you found some styling shared boy and girl bedroom ideas that will work for you. It’s best to communicate openly with your children and compromise on some of their wants while still keeping everyone else’s needs in mind. At Beautifully Bespoke, we strive to create a warm and inviting shared bedroom that is fun for the kids while also being practical. If you need help with your design, please get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to assist with your project.


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