How Much Do Sliding Wardrobes Cost and How to Choose One?

Any size bedroom benefits from fitted sliding wardrobes as the most excellent storage option. They have the power to drastically improve use and storage capacity in addition to completely changing the appearance of a place. However, how much do sliding wardrobes cost? Is the price too high? They don’t need to be!

We know that adding some personal style to their bedroom shouldn’t cost an excessive amount. Thus our company’s objective is to offer bespoke wardrobes of the highest calibre at reasonable and transparent prices.

Types of Sliding Wardrobes


There are two sliding wardrobe types. Built-In style is appropriate for spaces with niches or recesses. The inside walls of the space serve as the side and rear walls. They are directly linked to rods and shelves. These versions frequently lack a distinct roof and bottom. Although you will use every square centimetre available, keep in mind that the design will remain motionless the entire time.


It is an independent piece of furniture that may be moved, unlike built-in. It can be a sliding wardrobe that is either straight (linear), radial, or angular. The latter can be either added or trapezoidal in turn.

How To Choose A Sliding Wardrobe?

  • Pay close attention to profiles and rollers since the door should operate silently and quietly.
  • The room will appear larger and brighter with shiny or mirror surfaces.
  • A smooth surface is a secret to the door mechanism working well and durably. 
  • The cabinet will “merge” and disappear if you gather materials that match the walls. Large cabinet living rooms benefit the most from this arrangement.
  • Pick built-in models to maximise the available area. If you order bespoke bedrooms wardrobes, you will receive a product that will blend in flawlessly with your decor.

What Is The Best Material For Sliding Wardrobe?

Housing made of 16 or 18-mm thick chipboard is the most popular choice. Slabs replicate the surface and structure of wood and other materials while being inexpensive and simple to handle.

Importantly! Due to the unique characteristics of particleboard manufacture, it is important to pay attention to the formaldehyde emission class. Selecting boards with classes E0 and E1 is advised.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) offers comparable qualities, but particleboard is more robust, more moisture resistant, and more environmentally friendly. It is resistant to deformation because of the structure’s thick makeup. Since no formaldehyde resins were used to create the substance, it is safe for health.

Veneered boards, which are becoming increasingly well-liked, are produced using materials like particleboard, MDF, and other materials. A thin slice of wood (oak, walnut, or ash) maintains its original texture, pattern, and colour when placed on the base. Since no two trees are the same, each leaf’s pattern is distinct, making veneer goods eco-friendly, simple to maintain, and attractive. However, veneer furniture is less expensive than solid wood.

Wrap Up

We always dream of choosing a wardrobe that can hold a considerable amount of our clothes. But, there are considerations in choosing sliding wardrobes, which include the quality and looks. Beautifully Bespoke provides many designs for your sliding wardrobes that would fit your bespoke bedroom or grandeur room. Save your time and energy, call our professionals, and let us work!


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