The Most Trending And Beautiful Twin Bedroom Ideas

If you’re about to welcome two tiny new guests into your home, have two sweet rebels who need a new room, or are a couple of flatmates living together—it’s time for twinning! We’ve rounded up our favourite twin boy bedroom ideas to make your new room look stylish, welcoming and super-cosy. If your twins are close in age, it’s a great idea to create a cool shared space they can grow up in. You could also use the same design principles in a separate room for two older brothers or sisters who want their space!

What Are Some Twin Bedroom Designs For Small Spaces?

Designing a small child’s bedroom is difficult, especially if the room is shared. Shared rooms are common among siblings and are frequently the size of a standard bedroom, but they must contain twice the furniture, belongings, and personality. Twin toddler boy bedroom ideas can be challenging to develop, but there are plenty of ways to make their shared space work. A small shared kids’ room, with so much packed into such a small space, can be a recipe for frequent squabbles. You’ll need creative storage and space-saving tips to keep a cramped room under control.

How Do You Arrange Two Twin Beds In A Small Bedroom?

If you have two twin beds in a shared room, there are several options for arranging them. If you have just one small bedroom and two twins, choose the best option that suits your child’s needs.

Maximise Your Bedroom Space

Maintain a symmetrical furniture arrangement to make the most of a small bedroom. Two twin beds, separated by one wall and with matching bedding for a cohesive look, are the main features of this room. A dresser serving as both nightstands fits neatly between them—drawers beneath each child’s bed provide extra storage while leaving the centre of the room free to host sleepovers or play dates!

Create A Light And Airy Environment

White walls are an excellent way to keep things light and airy in small spaces. Try accentuating a neutral wall with a simple geometric design for kids who want a splash of colour. Tape off the pattern and paint two colours to make these mountain-like triangles. It’s optional to repaint or wallpaper the entire room!

Stack Up Furniture

Custom furniture can provide extra storage, such as this bed frame with built-in drawers. This space-saving bunk bed is perfect for small spaces. Pullout compartments make under-bed storage more accessible, whereas stacked beds make more floor space for play.

Prefer Bright Colours

Twin boy toddler bedroom ideas can be as simple as painting the walls a fun colour, adding some bright artwork and experimenting with patterns. Bright, light colours help to open up a confined space. This dark attic space was transformed into an airy retreat with a few coats of white paint. Colourful bedding and rugs make this small children’s room the ideal playroom retreat.


Sharing a small bedroom with another person can be challenging, but carefully planning and measuring can turn the space into a comfortable retreat. Twin boy bedroom ideas help create an inviting space for your child, even if the room is small. We use our knowledge and experience at Beautifully Bespoke to help you create a functional and stylish bedroom. If you have questions about decorating your small bedroom or want more information on our services, contact us today.


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