Stellar Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Add Extra Ambiance To Your Space

In a kitchen, functional and aesthetic illumination are crucial components of design. A well-designed kitchen lighting scheme needs not only to be functional; it can also help define the space, create a sense of drama and highlight important details. These kitchen lighting ideas and expert guidance can assist you in getting started.

Add a Touch of Rustic

Rustic is a popular aesthetic that can create a warm, cosy space. The kitchen’s modern classic vibe is offset by an unexpected hint of rustic flair—in the form of a unique pendant lamp and bar stools, among other touches. 

Select Something Natural

While we’d never turn down a gorgeous brass, copper, or oiled bronze light fixture, a rattan or woven jute choice can be a terrific way to bring the outside in—especially if you’re going for a Scandi-inspired decorating scheme with lots of cane and light wood tones.

Give The Nod To The 1950s

We can’t possibly list all the wonderful features of an eccentric mid century room, but the chandelier is a clear winner for your kitchen lighting ideas 2023. Natural fibre adds a touch of organic to this bright dining space, and its atomic age-Esque design goes well with the Eames chairs.

Add a Lantern 

Vintage-style lantern lights can help a modern kitchen feel more like the past. Their large stature and eye-catching brass details make them the centrepiece of any room —especially when paired with modern furniture and decor. 

Ditch the Shades

If you want to get a start on the kitchen lighting trends 2023, consider ditching the shades. Exposed bulbs lend a rustic, industrial look and feel to this space and a lot of interest. To keep the lights from feeling overly harsh or brilliant, use warm, loft lighting or Edison bulbs.

Choose Something Modern

When it comes to eye-catching chandeliers, less is not more. A multi-bulb light is ideal for establishing a contemporary focal point and delineating the area in an open-concept kitchen/dining room. 

What Lighting Is Best For The Kitchen?

Warm white lights (with wavelengths between yellow and white) are generally considered the best light source for a kitchen. However, your personal preferences should not be affected by this choice. 

Should You Have Warm Or Cool Lights In The Kitchen?

Due to the versatile character of the kitchen, adding the best lighting ideas for kitchen in either cold or only warm tones may be unsuitable for the room. Kitchen designs that use only cool-toned lighting can appear harsh or chilly, whereas kitchens that use only warm-toned lighting can be difficult to cook in. It’s critical to have a fine balance of both when choosing kitchen lighting to make your kitchen more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Too much light can be a problem, so ensure your room is properly lit. It should seem neither too dark nor too bright—and the wrong size fixtures will look out of place on their own or in large groups. With these kitchen lighting ideas in mind, you can create a perfect lighting scheme for your space. If you’re unsure of what kind of fixtures to use and would like help from our team at Beautifully Bespoke, we’re happy to help you!


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