Stylish Girl Bedroom Ideas Anyone Would Love To Have

There are certain items that every girl needs in her bedroom to make it look stylish and comfortable. From bedding to cushions and furniture, a wide variety of things can make the room look amazing. If your daughter is moving into her first bedroom, you might be looking for inspiration on what to do with the space.

Bedrooms can be created in many different styles, each with a distinctive look reflecting your child’s personality. There are so many girls’ bedroom ideas that you can utilize to create a space that your daughter will love. Here are some of the best bedroom ideas for girls that inspire you.

How Do I Decorate My Girl’s Bedroom?

There are numerous ways to add beauty to a girl’s bedroom, such as cute accessories or hanging lights. For curtains and cushions, choose floaty or embroidered fabrics. To create a twinkling canopy, hang delicate fairy lights from the walls or over the bed. Frame floral wallpaper cut-offs to create a cute gallery wall. For bedding, choose soft pastels or a delicate floral print. You could also add a touch of sparkle with a starry night-themed duvet cover or pillowcases.

What Should Be In A Girl’s Room?

A teenage girl’s bedroom should have the exact necessities as any other bedroom: a bed and shelving. Her bed should be a unique focal point, with fuzzy blankets, throw pillows, and a canopy if you feel fancy. You should also include a dresser and a desk in her room to store her schoolbooks and organize her makeup. You can add table lamps, hanging lights, wall decorations, and mirrors to her room design.

What Can I Use To Decorate A Girl’s Bedroom?

While decorating a girl’s bedroom is entirely up to the individual, there are a few necessities for proper comfort and organization. We’ve considered your daughter’s age and individual preferences to compile a list of essentials for her bedroom.

Night Light: If your child has trouble sleeping in the dark, buy a night light that gives off a warm glow.

Floor Pillow: This pillow adds extra seating or lounging space to your daughter’s room and provides a decorative touch.

Cosmetics And Skincare Organizer: Keep your girl’s dressing table and bedroom tidy to avoid becoming irritated by a cluttered environment.

LED Mirror: Another must-have item in your bedroom interior design ideas for girls checklist is a LED mirror. Most girls enjoy preening before the mirror, especially when applying makeup.

String Lights: Nothing sets the mood in a room like a good string of lights. It can’t go wrong in a girl’s bedroom, whether placed on a headboard or hung around the edges of the ceiling, emitting warm white or colorful lights.

How Do You Decorate A Small Girl’s Bedroom? 

Less is more when designing a girl’s room (or any child’s space!). When a young child is asked to clean their room, too much clutter can be overwhelming. Keep things simple for them (and for yourself!).

The next step is to choose the colors. This will be determined by your personal preferences and your child’s preferences, but you can get more bedroom ideas for girls from any of the following:

  • some furniture that you’d like to place in the room
  • new bedding that catches your attention in the store
  • a favorite wallpaper you discovered online
  • a brand-new area rug

Final Thoughts

Keep your daughter involved in the process of designing her bedroom. This will make her feel more involved in the process and more likely to love the result. 

We hope you’ve found some of our girls’ bedroom ideas useful and hopefully many of these your girl will love. This is where they’ll spend a lot of time, so it should be fun, comfortable, and functional.


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