Winning Kitchen Colour Ideas for a Long-Lasting Look

The kitchen is where you spend a lot of time regularly, so it should be somewhere you enjoy being. Whether you favour delicate neutrals or brightly saturated hues, incorporating colour into your kitchen makes it more unique and inviting. These kitchen colour ideas will inspire you to mix and combine your favourite shades when selecting a kitchen colour design.

The most popular colour for a kitchen is white. It’s an easy colour to work with and brightens up any room. You can combine it with almost any other colour to create a unique look that suits your home’s style. You can also consider other kitchen colour ideas 2023 that will help you create a space that’s perfect for you.

Dark and Light Blue

By combining different colours of blue, you may create a timeless kitchen colour scheme. Begin using a lighter tint on significant features such as cabinets, walls, or backsplash. Then add deeper blues with rugs, chairs, dishware, or window treatments. To avoid clashing, ensure the blues have similar undertones (some are warmer than others).

Green and Dark Gray

For modern kitchen colour ideas, combine dark, stormy grey with bright lime green. Gray should be used for more permanent features, while green should be used for interchangeable accents such as island stools, rugs, artwork, and countertop accessories. Balance the hue with plenty of white on top of cabinetry, walls, or backsplash to avoid an overwhelmingly gloomy impression.

Blue and Orange

This vibrant kitchen colour scheme will liven up your space. Bold citrus orange and gentle blue complement each other perfectly on the colour wheel. Both hues complement brilliant white cabinetry and woodwork, making them an excellent choice for a modern kitchen.

Red and Yellow

These warm kitchen colour trends have been popular in Europe for years and continue to be popular in modern design. Combine a deep red and a golden yellow to create the atmosphere of a grand English manor, a relaxing French country hamlet, or a stunning Tuscan villa. Use yellow as the anchor hue in your kitchen to make it feel larger, then add red accents to accentuate the design.

Black and White

Black and white form simple, well-balanced colour ideas for kitchen. Pair white core pieces with black accents to create a timeless look. Incorporate black-and-white backsplash, wallpaper, or tile flooring to provide visual flair.

What Colours Should Not Be In A Kitchen?

You do not have to, and should not, paint your kitchen a dull hue. Colours like beige and brown are safe, but they’re also lifeless. We urge consumers to avoid warmer hues like yellow and orange since they may quickly make a kitchen look antiquated, closed-in, and tense. Instead, try a cooler yellow with greenish undertones for a more peaceful room. 


Creating a unified kitchen colour scheme may appear to be hard at first. Choosing a beginning point and working your way through all of the pieces in your kitchen one by one will result in a beautiful, harmonious room. Contact Beautifully Bespoke today for more kitchen colour ideas and advice on choosing your kitchen and anything else.


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